Members of the MAGNI Leadership Team come from diverse backgrounds, giving MAGNI a unique edge in our industry. Their combined experience, network access, and skill sets provides MAGNI with a global reach and a solid performance history of achieving client objectives.

MAGNI’s Chief Operations Officer is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with over 21 years of combined experience in
 U.S. military Special Operations, U.S.
 Department of State Diplomatic Security operations and training, and business management. He has operated in more than 40 countries on five continents, including some of the most challenging, high-risk regions on the globe. He has led training exercises for foreign governments and provided security assessments for numerous areas in Latin America and Africa. He has consulted for foreign heads of state, and his past endeavors include the procurement of over $50 million in international security contracts. His operational background coupled with his relationships around the world makes him a very valuable asset to the MAGNI team and their clients.

MAGNI’s In-House Counsel is an accomplished complex business attorney and Certified Public Accountant. He is known throughout the country and internationally for his innovative work, including structuring joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, tax strategies, and international transactional issues. He also serves as an adjunct law professor, teaching future attorneys in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions, International Transactions, U.S. Securities Regulations, Corporate Taxation, Partnership Taxation, Business Planning, and Survey of U.S. Taxation (South Korea). Prior to entering the practice of law, he was a Supervising Senior-in-Charge  Accountant and consultant with a Top 5 accounting firm consisting of a global network of professional services firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services. He worked with his clients in making initial and secondary public and private offerings. In addition to his work in the United States, he also worked as an expatriate in KPMG's London, United Kingdom office, focusing on auditing and consulting to various financial service providers.

MAGNI’s Vice President of Business Intelligence has more than a decade of experience managing the collection of geographic and sector-specific information and providing geopolitical risk analysis to private clients and high-level policymakers. She worked for the U.S. Government contributing to intelligence operations in support of strategic missions, and later launched her own private consultancy providing clients with tailored business intelligence solutions. Her network and experience in intelligence expands MAGNI’s capabilities, providing clients with custom intelligence reports and providing supportive data for many of MAGNI’s security solutions.

MAGNI’s Vice President of Security Technology provides cutting edge science and technology support to MAGNI’s ongoing global operations and technology solutions for their clients. He has over 15 years of specialized experience supporting operational intelligence mission requirements for U.S. federal clients including the Centers for Disease Control and numerous Combatant Commands. He has managed the construction and renovation of sensitive facilities, overseeing infrastructure requirements, design, and operational maintenance. He is an expert on sensitive technology infrastructure and analyzing its impact on operations. His expertise in communications, operational enterprise design, and development of technical solutions to support client requirements brings enormous value and depth in capability to MAGNI.

MAGNI’s Vice President of GSD ensures that all operational support necessary for every client service is provided when needed, where needed, and how needed. His position at the bottom of the team list is deliberate, as he is the backstop for all of MAGNI’s client operations. He has 16 years of experience overseeing logistical support for shipments around the globe and is responsible for guaranteeing compliance with all U.S. and international regulations. He has extensive experience transporting commodities and various other tangible assets through high-risk areas. He has tremendous expertise in a wide range of security services, having provided both conventional and low profile protective security for foreign dignitaries, U.S. Government officials, and high-net worth individuals. He has operated in more than 20 countries, across four continents, both in the military and 
as a private civilian contractor, and his experience and expertise are integral to MAGNI’s success.