Our Services

Business Intelligence Services

Doing business in an increasingly complex world can be challenging. Understanding the unique cultural and human elements in countries where you want to do business can be the difference between success and failure.

Our team has extensive on-the-ground experience in intelligence, international relations, and economics in dozens of countries around the globe. This experience allows MAGNI to provide tailored solutions to companies operating in unstable or challenging regions. Our intelligence provides our clients with the information necessary to fully understand the political, economic, and social environment of an area before they invest, ensuring that their project has the best chance of success.

MAGNI’s Business Intelligence Services include:
  • Country Risk Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Industry Landscaping
  • Influence Channels Mapping
  • Illicit Network Mapping
  • Reputation Risk Management

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

MAGNI helps customers understand the risks they might face operating in unconventional settings and works with them to develop plans and protocols to safeguard against them. Whether assessing critical infrastructure or personnel and their residences, MAGNI uses on-the-ground networks and our knowledge of the cultural and human terrain to identify and prioritize potential risks. This allows decision makers to better understand the environment in which they are operating and prepare for any eventualities.

Whether your company’s assets might be at risk due to terrorism, crime, or government instability, MAGNI can develop mitigation plans to lower your risk. MAGNI also provides regular updates to keep clients abreast of security developments, ensuring that our clients have the information they need to make their most important decisions.

Logistics Support

MAGNI understands the unique challenges of doing business in remote or unconventional settings. We know that information on the status and location of assets is a decisive factor of operational effectiveness and efficiency. By providing logistics support, MAGNI helps its customers expand their operational reach and maintain continuity of operations, even under the most difficult of circumstances.

MAGNI’s Logistics Support Services include:

  • Physical Site Security
  • Security Design
  • Mobile Protection
  • Local Guard Training

Maritime Security

MAGNI personnel provide decades of experience to our maritime security clients. With backgrounds in marine law enforcement and naval special operations, our personnel are second to none in providing efficient and effective solutions to our clients’ most pressing maritime needs. From assessing critical maritime infrastructure to protecting maritime assets, MAGNI helps reduce our customers’ costs and allows them to deliver their cargo safely and on time, every time.

Crisis Management

The best way to ensure an organization will survive a crisis is to understand the threats faced, and then prioritize and mitigate the risks. MAGNI personnel have operated in crisis regions around the world and are uniquely located to help our customers develop and implement protocols to avoid crises and to ensure the safety of personnel and assets should a crisis arise.

From the development of emergency protocol plans to implementation of contingency operations, MAGNI helps its clients achieve continuity of operations, even in the most complex environments.

Protective Security

As organizations expand their operational reach into unstable environments, it has become more difficult to keep personnel safe. MAGNI has the experience and resources to protect your people, wherever they are.

With backgrounds in Diplomatic Security, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence, MAGNI has helped protect U.S. and foreign government dignitaries, executives and high-net worth individuals, and entertainers and artists.

MAGNI’s Protective Security Services include:

  • Executive Protection
  • Entertainers / Celebrities
  • Political Leadership and Dignitaries

Science and Technology

MAGNI has extensive real world experience in the development of Continuity of Operations Plans for our customers to ensure maximum up time of operational critical systems. Whether developing technical solutions in-house or leveraging industry partners, MAGNI has proven operational performance in the delivery of unique solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. MAGNI is effective at providing contingency communications solutions, both celestial and terrestrial, to maintain the operational status of ground operations.

Education and Training

Deploying your personnel to complex security regions can be a challenge. MAGNI offers a wide range of educational and training courses to prepare our clients’ personnel to operate securely and stay safe once they hit the ground, wherever that may be. MAGNI leverages its experience in high-threat areas around the world to provide our clients with a unique combination of training acumen and cultural insight.

MAGNI Education and Training Services include:
  • Hostile Environment and Awareness Training
  • Travel Security Training
  • Driver Training
  • Tactical Training